Friday, October 30, 2015

Halloween Eve

This has been a fun week! Campbell's cousin, Avery, has been at our house hanging out with us. Jenn and Avery came up on Tuesday and we've been filling our day with lots of playtime and lunch dates.
Since today is Friday and the day before Halloween, I thought it was only appropriate for us to get our day started with some chicken mini's from Chick Fil A! If there's a lot of people at my house, sometimes I like to get a small tray of them. You get 20 mini's and it's only $15 and overall, a pretty fantastic breakfast! Campbell ate so many he spit up (is that TMI?) which was sad and funny all at once. Has everyone picked up on the fact that my child loves to eat?
We spent the rest of our day getting out for a little bit then staying inside and playing while it rained all day. We did venture out to Olive Garden for dinner and they are genius because their kids menu not only comes with crayons but also stickers. Brilliant. The stickers kept Campbell entertained the entire meal. It was great. Every restaurant should implement the sticker idea!!!

We are looking forward to a very fun Halloween tomorrow! If the weather cooperates, we're planning on going to the Trick or Treat event on the Bentonville square tomorrow morning. Later in the evening we're going to take Campbell and Avery trick or treating around our neighborhood. I anticipate that Campbell will LOVE it. I don't think he'll quite understand the whole concept but I know he'll have a good time getting free food from his neighbors. Ha! I'll post pics on here tomorrow of our Halloween fun! Until then.....

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