Monday, October 26, 2015


"Hey Mom, could I please have this applesauce?"
"Seriously Mom, I'm starving! It's 10:30 and all I've had to eat so far is breakfast and two snacks." 

Does anyone else's toddler eat all. the. time? Because mine does. Campbell has a snack basket in the pantry. I put it on the floor for him so he would have easy access and his head is basically in the basket all day long. Today I picked him up from MDO and as we were walking to the car he signed to me that he was hungry. I usually have a granola bar in my purse for him but I didn't today. Thankfully we were headed to Target and before I started shopping I got him some popcorn. It's Targets greatest idea yet. We rarely do it but if I get Campbell some popcorn to snack on while I shop in Target, he'll let me shop until my hearts desire. He loves that popcorn!! It makes me feel better to hear other Moms say their toddler eats all day long otherwise I'd think Campbell had a hole in his stomach. 
We went to the last Bentonville Farmers Market of the year this past Saturday. It was cold!! We didn't actually shop the Farmers Market but I didn't want to sit at home because I knew we'd be doing plenty of that during the Razorback game. So I wanted to get out for just a little bit. We just did a short little stroll around the square then grabbed a quick bite to eat at a pizza food truck.
It was our first time to eat there and this pizza was delicious!! I can't remember the name of the truck but I highly recommend it. We will definitely be going back. 
After our pizza we popped over to another truck to grab some mini donuts for dessert and those were to die for too. Yum. The game had already started so we wrapped it up and headed home so we could watch the Hogs play. Campbell took the longest nap ever and Scott and I were able to watch the entire game while he snoozed away. We wrapped up our weekend with church on Sunday and some fun family time together. Campbell loves his weekends that are usually always filled with something fun and different. I do too. 

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