Thursday, October 22, 2015


I believe we're about to be hit with some cooler weather starting tomorrow and I'm pretty sure it's going to stay this time. I hate how some days it's freezing and some days I wear flip flops. It was really cold on Monday so I got to bundle my baby up in his cute fall gear. He's learning the color red at school this month so his teachers asked for the kiddos to wear something red. I love, love fall clothes for little boys. I ordered a bunch of stuff online from Gap this week because they were offering 40% off and free, 2 day shipping. I love when they do that. I always partake. For Campbell--I never even think to order something for myself. Ha! 
My neighborhood does thing thing in October where we "Boo" one another. You get a surprise treat on your doorstep from an anonymous neighbor and you have to do the same to two other neighbors to keep the fun going. Campbell had so much fun going through his "Boo" and I realized getting boo'ed is way more fun when you have kiddos to get excited about it! Our Boo came with some stickers and Campbell is obsessed with them. I put a blank piece of paper on our refrigerator and throughout the day he gets to put a Halloween sticker on it. He loves it. He walks over to it, points high, then signs please so he can add a sticker to his paper. Campbell thinks it's the most fun thing ever. 

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  1. Baby/toddler fall clothes are adorable! So with you on the being annoyed about cold one day and hot the next. I keep wanting to switch out my summer and winter clothes, but then the high is 80 today...