Tuesday, October 20, 2015

18 Month Doctor Visit

Campbell (finally) had his 18 month doctor visit last Friday. We had it booked for the beginning of the month but the doctor had to reschedule then I just completely forgot about the appointment and didn't even show up. I was so horrified that I was "that" person and apologized profusely for my absentmindedness. Low and behold we finally made it and thankfully everything with my little guy seems to be perfect! Such a blessing.
Campbell does a pretty good job at his doctor visits. He always bawls his eyes out when they take his temperature for some reason. Other than that (and the horrid shots of course) he's a little trooper. He just runs around the room opening up drawers and taking stuff out of them. I'm so mad at myself because I threw away the growth chart they always give me so I don't know what his height was but I did write his weight down which was 24 pounds, 10 ounces and that puts him in the 53%. It's crazy to think that just a year ago Campbell didn't even register on the percentile scale which had us going to the doctor every other week to check his weight. It stressed me out so badly! Our pediatrician assured us that by the time Campbell was 18 months old he would probably be caught up with the other kids his age and he was totally right.
After his shots Campbell got a sticker which was a first for him there. It made him so happy and he felt like such a big boy with his spiderman sticker. He came home and took an almost 4 hour nap so apparently those shots wore my little man out. Grateful for a healthy checkup for my sweet Campbell!! Always so grateful.

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