Monday, October 19, 2015

The PERFECT Saturday

I had THE best Saturday. My entire crew loaded up and we all went to downtown Bentonville to spend a few hours hanging out. We started out by strolling around the Farmers Market. I think this coming Saturday is the last Farmers Market of the year (so we'll have to go again one last time!) and we wanted to make sure we could soak it up before it ends. The weather was super chilly and very fall like which made it that much nicer.
We started to get a little hungry so we decided to grab some lunch somewhere. When we take the girls we have to eat at a restaurant with outdoor dining and we had never been to The Pressroom before so we decided to give it a try. Now I know why everyone is so obsessed with it. It was heaven. The outdoor dining was so lovely and our food was delicious.
I got a BLT with a side of tomato bisque and I gobbled it up. Campbell ate every bite of his ham and cheese croissant and I was impressed since he isn't a big sandwich person, unlike his mother. Since it was so chilly Scott suggested we all get a hot chocolate for dessert and I thought that sounded like an excellent idea! They had a tiny little cup for Campbell and he got to experience his very first hot chocolate.
He took a cautious first sip then immediately dove in for a huge gulp. Then Campbell looked at Scott and I and said "YUM!!!" We laughed so, so hard. He's never said that before. I'll always remember it! Yum indeed. I'm not a big hot chocolate fan because I don't like milk but this one was super tasty. I told Scott this is going to have to become our new Saturday thing until it gets too cold to sit outside. Everything about the experience was just so lovely and the girls could not have been more perfect as they patiently waited on us to finish our meal. Even our waiter commented on how well behaved they were. I can usually count on my girls to put on their best behavior when I need them to. Unless a dog walks by then they feel the need to bark.
After lunch we popped in a new dog boutique on the square to get the girls some treats then we went to the nearby park to let Campbell play for a bit. Before I knew it, it was Campbell's nap time and we had to head home. If every Saturday could be like this last Saturday was it would make me a happy lady. I'm so glad I was able to get out with Campbell and the girls. The girls love getting to go on adventures and we always attract quite a bit of attention with our stroller full of cuties. Four different people asked to take our photo (haha!) and just about everyone has to stop us to pet the girls. Madison, Ivy and Grace eat it up! And to be perfectly honest, I do too. I love my little family. They make me so happy.

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