Friday, December 4, 2015

15 Weeks

Size of Baby: 2.5 ounces and 4 inches long, the size of an apple.

How I'm Feeling: Feeling a lot better. I haven't gotten sick any this week, just a tiny bit of nausea here and there. Other than my daily headaches, I'm pretty much feeling like my old self again which is nice.

Cravings/Appetite: My appetite seems to be fully back (hello tea and Mexican food, I've missed you) although I'm starting to eat smaller portions than I usually do especially at dinner. I did this with Campbell also. My stomach is in the beginning stages of becoming squished and I can tell I'm going to suffer from reflux again because of it. I'm dreading it.

Clothes: Still in all of my regular clothes and jeans although I do wear maternity pants some days just because.

Movement: I felt my first real big movements on Wednesday night when I was laying in bed. Three little pops. They weren't big kicks or anything like that but definitely stronger than little flutters.

Changes in Me: My back is killing me. I put my Christmas decorations up this week and by the time I was finished I was in so much pain. I never realized how much I bend over throughout the day to pick up Campbell's messes, put Campbell in his car seat, give him his bath, etc. and I think all of this bending over is the reason for my back pain. I'm starting to make a conscience effort to not bend over as much and it seems to be helping me.

Baby Purchases: Not knowing the gender of this baby with all of the Black Friday sales going on last weekend was torture for me! I was really regretting not opting to do that blood test at 10 weeks that tells you the gender. I had to get some Kickee Pants though (they had such a great sale!!) so I decided to get some newborn footies in midnight and I got Campbell the pajamas to match. My first baby purchase for baby number 2!

Favorite Moment This Week: I had an appointment yesterday to check in on baby. Everything seems to be going well with the little one.
Looking Forward To: We booked our anatomy scan yesterday. That was one of my favorite appointments with Campbell and I'm looking forward to it this time around also.

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