Thursday, December 10, 2015

New Christmas Books

Campbell's morning started off on a good note yesterday. I made him a smoothie and he LOVES smoothies. I haven't made him one in a while but he's always so hungry in the morning and after he eats his breakfast he keeps wanting snack, after snack, after snack. It's driving me crazy! I figured a smoothie would fill his belly up pretty good and I was right. He took his first sip and said "yeah yum!!" which is what he always says when he really likes the taste of something. After he finished his first smoothie, he ran up to me holding his cup and said "momma!!" letting me know he wanted another. So he had two smoothies and a slice of cinnamon swirl bread and he didn't ask for any snacks for the rest of the morning. Smoothies may become a new part of our regular morning routine.
We hung around our house all morning and after lunch we headed to Barnes and Noble for our second annual tradition of picking out a new Christmas book! I love this tradition with Campbell and I've been looking forward to doing this for a while now.
We ended up getting "That's Not My Snowman" and "Santa's Workshop" to add to our Christmas book collection. Campbell also enjoyed playing with the train table. The kids section at Barnes and Noble really is a lot of fun!! As we were leaving, Campbell threw a classic toddler fit where he fell out on the floor in front of everyone and rolled around. He was frustrated because he couldn't seem to hold both books plus this stuffed owl that he thought he needed and he kept dropping it all on the floor. It made him mad. Haha! I stared at him for a minute feeling a little sorry for him because I know being a toddler must be so frustrating all the time. But that quickly faded as embarrassment set in over having "that kid" and I told Campbell I was leaving him and he better get up and follow me. He quickly popped up and got over it. We went home and took a nap after that. #toddlerlife

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  1. Smoothie!! Brilliant idea! Text me and tell me what all you put in it because I am tooootally about to try that.