Friday, January 1, 2016

19 Weeks

Size of Baby: 8.5 ounces and 6 inches long, about the size of a mango.

How I'm Feeling: Still have headaches. Ugh! I've had a pinched nerve in my back since yesterday and at times I couldn't walk anywhere and Scott had to help me move around. I think I may have lifted something too heavy yesterday and I got a serious scolding from my husband for it. I may need to start waiting to let him help me do tasks around the house but that's so hard for me because I live life with a sense of urgency and when I decide I want to do something, I want to do it then!! I think it's time for me to start taking it easy. I'm hoping this goes away tomorrow. Lots of laying on the heating pad for me until it does.
Cravings: Soup! But I think that's mostly because of this freezing weather.

Clothes: Still in all of my clothes although my bump is much, much more obvious now. I may should wear my favorite jeans a lot this week because I'm not sure how much longer I have with them.
Movement: Yes, Yes, Yes! I am finally feeling some sweet moving and grooving from this little one!! I am so anxious to compare this ones movements to Campbell's. So far I'd say there isn't as much movement but I think it's still a little early to tell.

Changes in Me: This may sound stupid but I really don't like having to make decisions right now. It can be something big, like trying to pick out a baby name, or something small, like where to eat for lunch. It hurts my head. Seriously. I think the headaches are the major reason behind it but also, I'm just a little more anxious these days than I usually am and thinking just seems to be a challenge. Ha!!
Baby Purchases: I purchased a sweet little plush animal from Restoration Hardware this week.

Favorite Moment This Week: I'm beginning to feel the actual weight of the baby now. It's such a cool feeling when you know exactly where in your belly your baby is hanging out. Of course the movement is amazing and I'm so glad I'm starting to feel something. A week ago I was on google trying to figure out why I wasn't feeling anything yet!
Looking Forward To: Our anatomy scan is scheduled for next week and I'm really looking forward to it! However, I wasn't thinking when I booked the appointment and I've recently realized that Campbell won't be in MDO like I thought he would be because they're still on Christmas break. I don't really know what to do about that. I've thought about rescheduling until he's back in school. I've considered bringing him but I'm pretty sure that would be a little chaotic. I guess I need to figure it out soon!

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