Monday, January 4, 2016

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and are enjoying 2016 so far. We didn't do much to ring in the new year. My parents came up for the evening and we cooked a nice dinner and I pulled out my nice china for us to eat it on (fancy!). I drank some fake champagne while everyone else had real champagne and we were all in bed before midnight. It wasn't much but it was my idea of perfect. We spent the first day of the new year going out for lunch then hanging at home for the rest of the night and eating popcorn for dinner. Campbell LOVES popcorn!!
I didn't make any resolutions for the year. What about you all? Scott's resolution was to not have any sodas all year so that may unintentionally become mine too although that won't be very hard for me. I'm a water/cappuccino/tea/crystal light (truvia) girl anyway although I do enjoy the occasional diet coke. We'll see. When I was in the 7th or 8th grade I made a resolution to drink nothing but water for the entire year and I actually, 100% stuck to it. It became such a habit at that point that for years I only ever drank water. I should attempt that again except I shouldn't because I would totally miss my cappuccino and tea.
Campbell's resolution is for his arms to get longer so he can stack taller.
Campbell accumulated so many toys for Christmas that I had to purchase a new piece of furniture in order to store them all!! I found this cubby on and it was only $40! It's super thin so it fits perfectly against my sofa to be used as a "side table" but it's plenty big to hold a lot of toys. I'm thrilled with how perfect it works in our playroom! I ordered the bins from The Land of Nod and they are just the right size for the cubby space. All in all, a fantastic $40 purchase. And I'm just going to throw it out there and let everyone know that I built it all by myself. #fistbump
Campbell is having so. much. fun. with all of this new toys. He never wants to leave the house because he just wants to play with his toys all day. He has a lot of favorites that he plays with over and over. This pet vet is one of them. He loves playing with it and does a great job at make believe. He gives the stuffed animals that came with the toy their shots and listens to their heart with the stethoscope. He always says "bump bump" and makes the noise of a beating heart when he does (we think it's adorable!!). I'm so glad he's having fun playing with toys because for the past few months he was bored and didn't want to play with anything (except stacking his blocks) and I hated that for him. It's nice to see he's having fun with toys again.
This is another favorite toy of Campbell's. We went to a neighbors house to watch the Razorback game and Campbell wanted to take his car :) Scott and I happily obliged.

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