Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Taking It Easy

I have spent my day trying to lay as much as possible. Pregnancy while taking care of a toddler is no joke!! I don't even feel like I over-do anything but I guess taking care of a toddler is a lot of work even when you don't realize it. I started experiencing some major Braxton Hicks contractions yesterday. It worried me when I started to notice it was happening so I immediately googled when BH usually start and to my surprise, it said 20 weeks. I don't remember experiencing them that early with Campbell. My stomach has been so tight and I already have so much pressure really low in my belly. I was actually feeling very uncomfortable this morning and didn't feel like I could do anything other than sit. It worried me a little so I texted my doctor and she said it's a sign of doing too much and I need to start taking it easy. So even though I had a lot of errands that I wanted to run today, I decided to just lounge with my little peanut instead. We watched The Lion Guard (for the 50 millionth time) and just hung out under the covers of my bed. I'm so thankful that my little buddy loves to lounge around and chill. He's truly my little sidekick.
We definitely need "new baby" (that's the baby's name apparently) to stay put for a looooot longer so I'm taking these last 24 hours as a sign that it's officially time for me to stop over doing it and slow down. Now if someone could just tell Campbell to stop crawling all over me. He uses my belly as a pillow to lay his head on and it's apparently a fun obstacle to climb over as well. :)


  1. Girl, take it easy!!! That baby needs to cook longer! It must be hard since Campbell's MDO isn't opened yet. I say call in the reinforcements. I did about 20 times with the second pregnancy. That's what Mama's are there for. :-)

    1. I know it, I've got to slow down! I've been pretty lazy the last few days and haven't been feeling any contractions since :)