Friday, February 5, 2016

24 Weeks

Twenty four weeks and it's starting to feel like the baby's arrival is getting close! We still have quite a ways to go but this pregnancy has just flown by and I can't believe it's already February. I feel like it will be May before I know it. My goal is to get everything accomplished by May 1. I want to enjoy my last month as a family of 3. Plus, I learned the hard way with Campbell that waiting until the last few weeks to do things is challenging when you have a big belly attached to you. I told myself then that with my second pregnancy, I'd have everything done much sooner so I'm trying to make that happen. I feel like I'm officially in go mode now. Here is this weeks update!
Size of Baby: 1.32 pounds and almost a foot long, about the length of an ear of corn.

How I'm Feeling: I think I'm in that golden stage of pregnancy where I feel really great!! I've gone on some walks around my neighborhood this week and it didn't hurt my back (too bad) or cause me to have Braxton hicks contractions. I hope this keeps up for a while! I'm enjoying it very much.
Cravings/Appetite: I'm trying to eat healthier right now. I've been eating way too much sugar lately. If I wasn't pregnant I'd be in the mood to go on a "diet" and get in shape. Kinda hard to do when you're growing a baby though. I'm opting for walks around the neighborhood and salads for lunch to help me feel like I'm doing something good and healthy for myself.

Clothes: I went shopping this week and found some new (non maternity) dresses for summer. I think one of them is going to be my Easter dress if my bigger belly doesn't end up making it too short by then. It was interesting trying on dresses and trying to decide how I'll look in them with a bigger bump and then without a bump. I was sucking in and pushing out as hard as I could to try to get an idea. Ha! They're very flowy which will be prefect for my postpardum body.
Movement: I'm starting to feel more movements from my little guy now. I mentioned to the doctor yesterday that I didn't feel him as much as I did my first and she said it's normal to only feel one movement a day at this point. I told her I definitely feel way, way more than that so it made me feel better. Now that he's starting to put some weight on, I think I'm going to feel him a lot more often.

Changes in Me: I've been more tired than I usually am. I don't know if Bennett is having a big growth spurt or if some important purchases we've made this week have mentally worn me out!!
Baby Purchases: A whole lot of big purchases this week!! As you all saw earlier, we ordered Bennett's bedroom furniture, bedding, art, accessories, etc. Yesterday we made another big purchase--I got a new car! I guess you could consider it a baby purchase since we decided I needed a bigger car for our growing family. I feel like a legit Mom now with my SUV that has three rows. I'm ready for carpool!

Favorite Moment This Week: I've had a lot of fun moments this week. Ordering Bennett's nursery stuff was so fun. I'm anxious to get it in and start the decorating process. Of course getting a new car was so exciting too. I had my previous car for 7.5 years. I got it a few months before Scott and I got married and I still love that car. Throughout the whole car searching/buying process, whenever I said my car was 7.5 years old I couldn't believe it. It doesn't seem like I've had it that long and I loved it just as much yesterday as I did the day I got it. I was sad to say goodbye to it and leave it behind. I love my pretty new car though and I'm excited to make some new memories in it!
Looking Forward To: A relaxing weekend. We made some big decisions this week and it hurt my brain. I'm glad a lot of that is over with and we can just chill out now!

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