Sunday, February 7, 2016

Cousin Keepsake

I was scrolling through my photos and realized I never shared this pic with you guys. It's such a special photo to me and my family so I wanted to put it on here. This is Campbell and his cousins, Landon and Avery. We were sneaky and managed to get a photo of the three of them to give to my parents as a Christmas present. We blew it up really big and framed it and my parents were so thrilled with it. After they opened it and talked about how much they loved it, my Dad looked at us and said "I'll tell you what, that was no easy task!!" No Pops, it sure wasn't! We took about 200 photos and this was the best we could come up with! Taking photos of two toddlers is tough business. Especially my toddler who doesn't know how to sit still. That's why all of the photos we have of him are "action" shots. Ha! Regardless, I think it's such a sweet picture of these three kiddos and I'm so glad we will forever have it. 

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