Monday, February 8, 2016

Super Bowl Weekend

We had a busy, productive weekend. On Saturday morning I laid in bed and sipped on my cappuccino in the quiet while Scott got up and hung out with our little peanut upstairs. I still get to "sleep in" on Saturday's. Our deal has always been I sleep in on Saturdays and Scott sleeps in on Sundays. We love our little weekend deal and it's something I look forward to every weekend. Although it's become different from what it used to be. I guess I'm not as tired as I once was (or maybe I'm turning into a grown up) so it's rare for me to actually sleep in. Now I usually wake up at my normal time, make my coffee and just hang out in bed by myself and watch all of those animal shows on abc (I love those shows!). I enjoy my new Saturday morning routine just as much. This time I mixed it up and decided to go for a long walk around my neighborhood. It was great and may have to be my new Saturday morning ritual. Well, until Bennett arrives then I'm sure I'll retreat back to sleeping again. After my walk we decided to get moving and start checking some things off our to-do list.
In between a bunch of boring errands, we popped in the Fayetteville mall to let Campbell run around and have some fun. He loved getting on these little rides. He thought it was so much fun!
Since we had so much to do, we decided to let Campbell just nap in the car while Scott and I took turns running in and out of places. I love naptime SO much but sometimes it gets in the way of being able to get a lot done outside of the home when you have to stay inside the home for 2-3 hours in the afternoon. We can usually get a 45 minute to an hour nap out of Campbell in the car (short for him) so we decided we'd just do that instead of sit home. Campbell must like the new car because after an hour and a half we finally decided to wake him up. We were able to get so much accomplished which was awesome. Nesting is in full mode here in the Johnson house!
We picked up a Papa Murphy's pizza on our way home and decided to have a pizza picnic in the bonus room. We all gathered around Campbell's little table and watched Finding Nemo while we ate dinner. Campbell thought it was so cool. We may have to do this more often since he enjoyed it so much!!
After church yesterday I came home and purged my closet. I collected 5 trash bags of clothes to donate. It feels so good to just be honest with yourself and get rid of stuff that you know you won't wear. After my closet clean out, we went to a friends house to watch the Super Bowl. I brought a cheese and fruit platter. It's not very Super Bowl-y but it was delicious!
Overall, a fun, productive weekend with my family!

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