Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Toddler Food and Beverage

Is it spring yet? I'm tired of being cooped up indoors because I don't want to take my toddler out in the freezing cold, even if it's to run into a store quickly. Needless to say, it's been a boring day. Campbell doesn't seem to mind staying home all day but I do. I had nothing to do today so I decided to be Pinterest Mom (to the best of my non-creative ability). I made Campbell a star studded lunch today. He seemed to enjoy it!
Campbell has a Valentine party tomorrow during my Bible Study. I signed up to bring juice boxes for the little kiddos. I assumed there would be some cute, pre-decorated juice boxes in the Valentine aisle at Target but to my disappointment, there wasn't. I wanted to be festive so I decided to just make my own. I wrapped the boxes and put stickers all over them. It's not much but it gave me a fun project.
And that's as entertaining as life got for me today.

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