Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Baby Nursery Number Two

I had a moment over the weekend where I broke down in tears from stress. #PregnancyProblems
I feel like we have quite a bit to do and the clock is ticking. We still haven't come up with a middle name for baby Bennett. It's driving me crazy. I'm ready to start monogramming some things. Haha!! We also have done zero to his room. Zero. I've had most of it picked out for a while but we haven't ordered anything yet. I've been okay with it but this weekend I got overwhelmed by our lack of prepping so last night we finally ordered our little man his bedroom furniture!

Campbell's furniture and bedding is from Restoration Hardware and I love it so much. It's still my favorite room in our house and I've never gotten tired of it. Which is good since I spent so much time in his room when he was a baby bouncing him and trying to get him to take his naps! I would look around while I was swaying back and forth and think to myself every day how much I enjoyed his little room. If you haven't seen it before, you can check it out HERE.
I just love the whole RH look so I knew without a doubt that it's the way I would want to go for baby number 2. Before I found out the gender, I kept coming back to this crib and bedding. I had no idea what I would pick for a girl but this boy furniture and bedding always stood out to me. I knew this is what I would do if we were to have another boy which made the decorating decision pretty easy!!
We're going with the Jourdan conversion crib. I like that it has a headboard so we'll be able to convert it into a big boy bed one day. I wanted a different look from Campbell's soft, neutral tones. The dark wood and navy bedding coordinates well with Campbell's room (not that it even matters but I like that they coordinate for some reason) while having a different feeling.
I also got the matching dresser and we actually even ordered those train pictures as well. I just thought they were so cute!
It's such a relief to have gotten the ball rolling on baby Bennett's room. Everything should arrive at the end of this month so that's exciting!! I'm looking forward to putting it all together and getting our baby boys room all ready for his arrival!

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