Monday, February 1, 2016

Beautiful Weekend

We had a lovely, beautiful weekend! The weather here was in the high 60's and it was glorious. We took advantage of it for sure. After Campbell took a long Friday afternoon snooze, I finally woke him up so we would have some time to play at the neighborhood park before the sun went down. I hated to wake him because he looked so comfy even without a blanket, socks and pants..
After our fun at the park we came inside, ate dinner then watched PJ Masks. Campbell is obsessed with PJ Masks. Every time the theme song starts he throws his hands up in the air and yells "Mask!!!" Every. Time. I don't really understand the obsession but it's funny to me that he's already gravitating towards really boyish shows. It's serious business when he's watching PJ Masks. He looks like this for the entire 22 minutes that the show is on.
On Saturday we decided to go to downtown Bentonville to eat lunch and walk around the square. I know I've said this before but that is my favorite way to spend a Saturday with my family. I love it so much and it was so refreshing to do that instead of stay bundled up inside. We opted for Flying Fish then we popped in a toy store, Rollie Pollie, that for some reason we've never been in before. It was the cutest toy store!! Campbell had an absolute blast playing in there.
We usually take the girls to the square with us but they're smell good puppies because they just got back from the groomer so they had to stay home. Sorry girls! Next time for sure.
My Mom got Campbell a Yumbox so we tried it out today for MDO. His teachers said he loved it and he really enjoyed all of the compartments. There's so many cute and creative Yumbox lunch ideas on Pinterest. Unfortunately a lot of them include sandwiches and I cannot get Campbell to eat deli meat. Even when he first started trying out new foods and would eat anything I offered, he refused deli meat. It makes packing his lunches a bit of a challenge. This seemed like a yummy, healthy lunch though and I was glad to hear he enjoyed it!
When I was walking Campbell into school today, he spotted a bird. He stopped, pointed at it and said "bird! bird!" I didn't even know that he knew what a bird was or that he knew how to say that word. He does that all the time and I think to myself "how do you even know that?" These toddlers are little sponges soaking up everything they see and hear. It's so much fun!

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