Tuesday, March 1, 2016

New Nursery

We've had an exciting day around here! Bennett's furniture arrived today. It's really pretty and I'm so pleased with it! I'm anxious to start putting the room together. We already have a lot of it but we haven't purchased a mattress yet so I can't put his bedding on. Scott wants to use the mattress Campbell has and get Campbell a new mattress. This particular mattress we have has been a source of contention since the day we purchased it. It's kind of funny but when we went to a local children's boutique to purchase the mattress, they managed to talk us into what I'm sure is the worlds most expensive baby mattress. We didn't know any better and they gave us a big speech about how gases can be in mattresses (huh?) which can cause SIDS but this mattress didn't have any gas in it so Scott felt like we didn't love our baby if we didn't get it. Even though since the second we started loading it into the car he regretted it. He brings up how we got suckered into this mattress at least once a month and has for the last two years. Needless to say, we won't be spending that on a second mattress. I think since Campbell is used to his mattress we should just leave it on his bed and get Bennett a new one. But Scott is like "no, Bennett needs the better mattress" and I'm all "I thought the whole mattress bit was just something we got suckered into and it doesn't matter what kind of mattress a newborn has as long as it's firm." I want to go to Target and grab one now and Scott wants to "get online and research" to make sure we get a good one with no gas. Haha! It's cracking me up.
Once the movers left and Campbell went down for his nap I started getting Bennett's drawers organized with all of his stuff. It's fun and exciting folding tiny little newborn clothes again. I feel much more prepared/practical this time around since I know what I really need and what I like. It makes it nice actually to feel like you know exactly how you're going to do things and what works and doesn't work for you. For example, I don't like gowns. I think they're hard to get on and off but that's something you don't know until you try it. I also know what newborn hats will work (some say newborn but are huge!), I know that I'm not going to try to mess with actually swaddling and use my easy swaddles instead (I didn't even own an easy swaddle the first few weeks with Campbell) and you should see my stock of gas drops, gripe water and Gerber soothe (something else I didn't know about the first few days with Campbell). It looks like a mini Walgreens pharmacy.
Little things like this will make things go much smoother (hopefully, fingers crossed) the second time around. It eases my mind to know that I will be more prepared this time and I won't have to send Scott or my Mom out to fetch and find certain items.
Hopefully this weekend we can work on Bennett's nursery a little bit and get the decoration process started. It's so crazy to see that room transformed into another baby room. I can't wait to show you all once it's complete!


  1. How exciting. Can't wait to see. I loved he mattress story as we had a similar experience all those years ago when we overhead the sales guy selling (or attempting to sell) this young expectant couple the top of the line mattress. "It's like either get this or your kid will die!" LOL

    I actually loved gowns when my kids we small. Yes they were a bit of a pain to put on and take off but I loved no snaps in the middle of the night!

    Good luck with the rest of his nursery. Happy times indeed.

    1. Haha yes exactly!! That's how they made us feel. Looking back now I see how silly it was but it will always be a good story!