Friday, April 1, 2016

32 Weeks

Size of Baby: 3.75 pounds and about 17 inches long, about the size of a squash. I'm super, duper curious to know how much Bennett actually weighs now. I was reading back on my 32 week update with Campbell and he weighed 4 pounds, 2 ounces at 32 weeks. I would love to find out how much Bennett weighs sometime in the next few weeks.

How I'm Feeling: Feeling good. I had one of my worst days to date on Tuesday though. My back was throbbing and I had some contractions that lasted about 15 total minutes. I'm not an expert but I'm almost certain they weren't Braxton Hicks contractions and they were more painful than anything I ever felt when I was in labor with Campbell. That's the second time I've had what I'm pretty sure are real contractions. I don't know what it's about but I'm not really concerned since we checked for pre labor signs at an ultrasound a few weeks ago and everything looked perfect. Other than Tuesday and my back starting to hurt again, I feel pretty good. I'm trying to take it easy and when I do, I feel much better.

Cravings/Appetite: I've actually been pretty hungry all week. Apparently this baby is packing on the pounds now and gaining about half a pound a week and I can tell since I've been anticipating each meal and eating a lot bigger portions than I have in months.

Clothes: Maxi dresses are on constant rotation. I can't even begin to express how much more comfortable it is than winter clothes. Spending your third trimester during the warm months is totally the way to go.

Movement: Bennett's movements can sometimes be painful now and it's taken my breath away a couple of times. He's definitely not a mover like Campbell was but I feel him pretty consistently throughout the day. He's just a squirming around in there and it's pretty easy for me to distinguish what's a leg, foot, arm, etc. There is no denying that he is head down. Also, I've still never felt Bennett have the hiccups and I never, ever felt that with Campbell either. Interesting.

Changes in Me: I have to go potty about 4 times in the middle of the night. When I roll out of the bed I feel like a beached whale trying to get up. Once I manage to get out of the bed, I have to just stand there for a minute until my back adjusts and I can walk. I'm always glad Scott is asleep so he can't see his wife looking so ridiculous.

Baby Purchases: I really haven't bought Bennett very many clothes since I'm using all of Campbell's things. I found this at Gap though and thought it was pretty cute so I snatched it up! Fun and colorful just in time for summer.
Favorite Moment This Week: I've recently had some sweet family members ask me what they can get as a gift for Bennett. Other than a double stroller and an extra camera for the monitor, we already have everything we need. Bennett is getting all of Campbell's hand-me-downs. The only thing I really would like all new for Bennett is pajamas since those get worn out more than clothes do. I was browsing on the Kickee Pants website and noticed you can create a gift registry which seemed so perfect since that's what I really want/need. I set a little registry up this week and had a lot of fun doing it :)

Looking Forward To: A month of chill. We have been so busy the last couple of months but now we basically have nothing on our agenda. I feel like this is my final month to just be so I'm taking advantage of it. Next month is going to be all about anticipating Bennett's arrival so this month I'm just going to enjoy some slow, down time.

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