Monday, April 4, 2016


We had a nice, chill weekend. It didn't consist of much. On Friday night Scott and I rented and watched The Big Short and it was pretty good. I enjoyed my Saturday morning to myself (I'm not sure if I'm capable of actually sleeping in anymore...sad day) then the three of us ran a few errands around town including but not limited to a trip to Sams.
Campbell loooooves going to Sams and trying all of the samples. Scott joked that we should just go there every Saturday and let that be Campbell's lunch. But really though. We stocked up mostly on food for Campbell because let's face it, we need to buy in bulk for this kid. After Campbell stuffed his belly with every food sample they had to offer, he decided he was ready for a nap. The rest of our weekend was filled with church and a lot of time outside enjoying the gorgeous weather.
I had an appointment with my doctor today and you would have thought she had told me I was going to have a baby tomorrow with the way I felt when I left there!! My doctor is awesome and a friend of mine and we were casually talking about Bennett's arrival when she told me that you typically do the same thing as far as labor goes. My water broke at 37 weeks with Campbell so it's not unlikely that, that could happen again. Of course I could go past my due date too, who knows, but I thought it was interesting to hear that you tend to do the same thing. It just hit me when I was leaving my appointment that I could totally have this baby sooner rather than later. I've always felt like it's so rare to have a baby at 37 weeks and there's no way I would probably do that again but apparently I just might!! It got me excited to think that Bennett could be here so soon.
I'll be sure to refer back to this post when I'm 5 days past my due date and wondering what in the world is taking Bennett so long to get here. Ha!


  1. I was told that after Brooklyn was born too (at 38wks) and dadgummit my other 2 kids went almost right to their due date. It makes the anticipation so much longer when you've gone early before!! I hope Bennett takes after his bro!

    1. That's interesting to hear! Yeah, who knows. I'm cool either way. Although sometimes I feel like he's coming tomorrow with the way I feel. Second pregnancies are so different than the first ones. Or it has been for me at least.