Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Mom Wear

Today I thought I'd talk about "Mom Clothes" for lack of a better word. I stumble upon items that I love and appreciate more than I probably would have before I became a mom. Sometimes you just have to look at clothes differently when you're a mom especially if you're nursing. I've recently added some new items into my wardrobe that I'm loving. There's nothing too special or exciting about them but I thought I'd share my finds because I feel like I hear a lot of mom's talking about where to locate items like these. I've found some pretty good stuff (or at least I think so!) for you so let's get started.

I thought I'd start with these pajama bottoms first. These are from Soma and I love them. My Mom introduced them to me a long time ago but as a mom, I appreciate them even more now. They are SO soft (they feel just like Kickee Pants!!) but my favorite thing about them is that they have pockets. It's great to be able to stick your phone, a paci, the monitor, or even a bottle in the pocket when your hands are full from carrying your baby or toddler around. I usually just pair these with my favorite ribbed maternity tanks, even when I'm not pregnant.
Right after Campbell was born, I quickly realized I didn't have any comfy lounge clothes that were still cute and didn't make me look like a sloppy mess. When you have a newborn you have a lot of visitors but the last thing you're wanting to do is get dressed. You're recovering from labor and delivery, your nights are sleepless, and you're nursing a baby. Comfy bottoms and tops that are easy to nurse in are key. I wasn't prepared for this at all after Campbell was born and I still remember running into Target after Campbell's first doctor appointment while he and Scott sat in the car. I needed cute, comfy lounge clothes to wear for when people popped over. And also some preemie diapers for our tiny peanut. Oh and I came out of the store with about 4 huge bags of candy (nursing makes you feel like you're starving to death) and Scott still makes fun of me for that but that's neither here nor there.
I've recently purchased a bunch of these different types of v-neck tees from Gap and they're great. I'm already getting a lot of use out of them and they'll be easy to nurse in when the time comes. I also went on the search for some cute, comfortable shorts and the only requirement was that they have pockets (because clearly I need pockets!) and not be too short. I found these at Target and I love them. You can get them HERE.
And this might seem a little random but I was at the mall yesterday enjoying my Mothers Day Out when for some reason something came over me to go shopping for swimsuits at 8 months pregnant. I mostly wanted to see if I could find a new swimsuit top and I did! A great one actually. This top is from the Pink line at Victoria's Secret and I absolutely love it. It's full coverage so those grabby toddlers won't accidently expose the girls, yet you can still get a nice tan while you're at the pool. I'm not sure what my beloved pool time will look like this summer and I can't even think about my postpartum body (yuck) but if I do find that I'm able to sneak away to the pool every now and then, this top will be my go-to I'm sure. You can find it HERE.

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