Friday, April 29, 2016

36 Weeks

Officially in my ninth month of pregnancy! I feel lucky because I'm feeling really great these days. My back doesn't hurt hardly at all anymore and I simply feel good overall. I don't have quite as much energy as I once did but I'm kind of enjoying taking naps while Campbell does. I find myself really soaking up quiet moments, me time, or anything else that I know will disappear for just a little while once Bennett gets here. I don't know why but I just feel like I don't have much longer to be pregnant. A part of me hopes I'm wrong because I'm perfectly content and wouldn't mind enjoying another 3-4 weeks of life currently. However, we are all set and ready to go. So if Bennett is ready within the next (less than) 2 weeks or so, we are too!
Size of Baby: Around six pounds and 18.5 inches long, about the size of a head of romaine lettuce.

How I'm Feeling: I am currently suffering from the worlds worst cold. It started Sunday and has caused me to not be able to sleep and feel miserable. I decided I couldn't take it anymore and had my doctor call me in a Z-Pak today. These over the counter meds aren't helping at all. Being this pregnant and having a cold isn't a good combo and I need to feel better asap!
Cravings/Appetite: Plums. Give me all the plums.

Clothes: I went shopping this week for something to wear for Bennett's newborn photos. I'm looking for a specific type of dress but came up empty handed. Crossing my fingers I can find what I'm looking for! Regardless, it was fun spending my day shopping. I never do that anymore.
Movement: Big, gliding movements. I find myself soaking them up these days since it won't be much longer before he's on the outside instead of the inside. I take a bath every night and spend most of the time just watching him move around in my belly.

Changes In Me: I've been having contractions every day this week and sometimes they hurt like crazy. Every morning when I wake up I can tell he's dropped just a tiny bit more.
Baby Purchases: I've gotten Bennett a couple of new little things from Gap this week. I've said this before but I really haven't bough him many clothes since he has a pretty full closet already. Some things are just irresistible though! I love getting stuff for Campbell and Bennett that aren't exactly matching but coordinating. Beware of the future overload of photos!

Favorite Moment This Week: I had my doctor appointment earlier this week and confirmed that Bennett is head down. I was about 99% certain of that already but it was good to know.
Looking Forward To: My doctor appointment next week. Time to start seeing how things are progressing and I'm always anxious and curious to know what's going on.




    1. I got it at a local boutique here. The brand is called entro. :)