Monday, April 18, 2016

Simple Weekend

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all had a good weekend. We had a nice weekend around here. We didn't do much but managed to get a lot of nesting accomplished. Scott and I spent our Saturday night making freezer meals. It was nice having his help and definitely made it go by much quicker. So far we have about a weeks worth of meals and I'd still like to make some more. It just gives me a piece of mind to know that if we're having a crazy day we have some yummy, home cooked food in our freezer to fill our bellies. I was encouraged by some friends/neighbors to make freezer meals before Campbell was born and I never did it and wished so badly that I had. These will be nice backups.
We put Campbell through a little big brother training camp this weekend! Not really but we'll pretend like we did. This swing was in Bennett's room and Campbell put some lovies in it and covered them up with blankets. He loved playing with the buttons that make it play music and swing and he kept saying "night night." It was really so adorable to watch! It made me smile to see how sweet and gentle Campbell was being.
The end result ended up being 3 lovies covered up in about 15 blankets. It was so heavy that the swing wouldn't swing anymore. Haha! I think Campbell is going to be a really sweet big brother.
Later in the evening we spent some time outside and Scott and Campbell played baseball. I adore this photo of the two of them. Scott was soooo proud of Campbell because he actually swung and was able to the hit the ball several times.
We went to church on Sunday and spent the rest of the day laying in bed watching movies while Campbell took a super long nap. Not a lot to it but I'm soaking in the last few weekends we have like this as just the three of us.

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