Sunday, April 10, 2016

Sunday Sweetness

It's so pretty outside right now with all of the tulips blooming and I can't seem to keep my camera away from shooting these beautiful flowers. It makes for the prettiest backdrop not to mention they're my favorite flowers. We snapped some photos after church last week and I wanted to share them on here. Trying to capture a toddler on camera equals many, many out of focus pictures but I managed to get a few that turned out. I'm really enjoying learning more about the camera and I've gotten to where I take over most of the time instead of letting Scott do it. He's still better than I am but I'm learning. I definitely have more patience with capturing crazy toddlers and I'm willing to wait it out for as long as I need to until I'm pretty sure I've gotten the perfect shot. Scott usually is ready to give up after just a few minutes. Ha! Understandable. Here's a few pictures of my little ray of sunshine in his sweet little southern outfit that I just can't get enough of!

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