Thursday, May 26, 2016


I turned 31 yesterday.
I had a pretty nice day! My husband let me sleep in until about 9:15 which was so nice. I felt pretty rested the whole day and that alone is such a great gift these days! For lunch Scott picked up McAlisters for me to eat (one of my favs!) and I just hung out at home for the rest of the day. I did manage to break away for about an hour. I took Bennett with me and we went to Target and then to the mall for a quick second. We had some visitors come by to meet Bennett and bring us a yummy dinner and Scott picked up some of my favorite cakes from Fresh Market for my special birthday treat! Campbell wanted to blow out candles so he assisted me in doing that. :)
After dinner we took Campbell to our neighborhood park to play. I came home, got the boys ready for bed, took a little bath myself, then went to bed. Overall, a pretty typical day. No complaints on my part. Doing exciting and special things on your birthday is always fun but I'm just as content to be home with my family doing nothing. I feel like I'll always remember this birthday. It felt very mom-ish (if that even makes sense?) but that's exactly how I wanted it to feel this year.
Overall a great day with my little family. Wouldn't trade it for anything! Here's to 31!! May it be as good to me as 30 was!

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