Saturday, May 28, 2016

Bennett's Due Date

Today is our sweet little Bennett's due date.
We've been able to enjoy our precious little guy for nearly three weeks now! It's been the most wonderful couple of weeks. I take caution in saying this out loud because I don't want to jinx us but Bennett has been the most perfect little baby. I can't even believe it. Scott and I will just hold him and look at one another and smile. He's just as sweet as can be and has eased into our family beautifully. No one could be more thankful for his precious disposition than we are. It's honestly made us so sad because we now feel like we were robbed of this joyful experience when Campbell was a newborn. We never realized how wonderful it could be! We always looked at newborns as hard and no fun. We are looking into it with a much different perspective now and I fully understand it now when people say they love the newborn stage! Before I just thought people were crazy. Ha!!
I have been soooooo hesitant to even share that things are going well. Not just on here but with friends and family also. I just say "it's going really good!" and leave it at that because anything can change in an instant and I'm worried if I start saying how good it's going that it will suddenly start going really terribly. Even if it does, I'll have these (almost) three weeks to look back on with such fond memories. I am so incredibly grateful for this precious little boy who has so sweetly entered our family. We love him so very much and are so thankful that he's ours.

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