Friday, May 6, 2016

37 Weeks

Officially full term!! Woo Hoo! It always feels great to make it to this point and now I'm going to wake up every day wondering if today is the day. Since Campbell came at 37 weeks it really makes me wonder if Bennett will too. I had Scott take a photo of me today and wanted to compare myself to 37 weeks with Campbell.
Campbell on the left, Bennett on the right.
My belly is definitely sticking out farther than it was at this exact point with Campbell which makes me wonder if Bennett already weighs more? Or maybe it's just a second pregnancy thing? It also looks like maybe Bennett isn't as low as Campbell was which surprises me. Everything else feels very similar at 37 weeks with Bennett as it did with Campbell. This may or may not mean anything. I guess we'll have to wait and see!

Size of Baby: Around 6.5 pounds and 19 inches long, about as long as a stalk of Swiss chard.

How I'm Feeling: Really good but really tired! I've been a little emotional this week and I'm starting to get a little anxious. I hope everything goes smoothly. Not just labor and delivery but also the adjustment to a new person coming into our family. I do continue to have a peace about it all but a part of me is getting nervous about a couple of things and knowing it could be any day now just adds to it all!

Cravings/Appetite: I've been more hungry this week than I normally am and have eaten more than I usually do. Hungry and tired. Bennett is stealing my food and my energy!

Clothes: I treated myself to two new dresses one day this week. It's so great that there are so many cute, flowy dresses these days because they work now at 37 weeks pregnant and I'll be able to wear them for years to come. See one of said dresses below!
Movement: This little boy is starting to feel too big in there. His movements have definitely slowed down (he isn't even much of a mover to begin with) and now when he moves I just think to myself "you are too big and you need to get out!" I have to imagine that he is so, so squished.

Changes in Me: Other than constantly being aware of any little movement, contraction, or anything else going on, pretty much everything else is the same. In some ways this pregnancy has been easier on me than my first and in some ways it's been harder. Overall, not many complaints! I feel pretty lucky.

Baby Purchases: Once I finish writing this post Scott and I are ordering our double stroller! We're going with the UPPAbaby Vista. I have the Cruz now and love it and have always hoped to get the Vista as a double stroller. I decided to go with the grey color and I will be as giddy as a kid on Christmas the day it arrives on my doorstep!

Favorite Moment This Week: I picked out everything I wanted for Bennett to have while we're at the hospital and set it aside to be able to quickly grab once it's go time! A couple of different hats, a few blankets, a pair of Kickee Pants and two coming home outfit options are washed, folded, and ready!

Looking Forward To: Seeing if this little boy wants to greet us this week! If not, I'll be back next Friday with my 38 week update!

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