Thursday, May 5, 2016

Staycation Day Two

Day two of my Momma staycation! Is it bad how much I'm enjoying my alone time? I almost feel guilty at how much I'm loving it. No offense to my precious baby but I haven't had a break (other than MDO) since Scott and I went on vacation to Aspen in September. Last August Campbell stayed with my parents for a few days and then last January Scott and I took a short 23 hour over night trip for our anniversary. These are literally the only times I've been away from Campbell for more than 5 hours, ever. Needless to say, I think I deserve a little alone time don't you think?
Not that Campbell is far from my mind! Today I went to Walmart to restock his snack basket. We keep this basket on the floor of our pantry and I can't even count how many times a day Campbell has his hands in it. We ended up having to put a lock on our pantry door because he wouldn't stay out of there. I wanted him to have a snack basket so he could pick and choose what snacks he wanted but I don't want him to have the freedom to eat 38 different snacks a day! I'm pretty sure I've said this before but Campbell's favorite snack, without any question, is applesauce. He probably has 4 pouches a day and he sucks them down faster than you can blink your eyes. I bought him 7 jumbo boxes of applesauce and it should get us through the month. You read that correctly.
After I got Campbell's snack basket fixed up, I met up with Scott to take a look at one of the homes he's building. We grabbed lunch together then I went to the nursery to get some coleus for my back porch. I love planting coleus because they're not only pretty and add such great color to an outdoor space but they are super cheap, get super big, and are super easy to take care of. It's a summer must have plant for me.
The girls and I enjoyed spending some quiet time outside in this beautiful weather and we plan on doing a lot more of it for the remainder of the week!

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