Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Little Break

I thought I'd forgo my normal Wordless Wednesday post today and just ramble out a bunch of nothings.
Our little peanut is staying with my parents for the week. He left yesterday. My Mom offered to keep him so I can have some alone time for the last time in probably a very long time! I quickly said yes. It's perfect timing and I'm SO pregnant and really needed the opportunity to rest and just have a little break. I don't really have anything on my agenda and I told Scott I have no idea what I'm going to do with myself for the next few days. He and I went on a date last night! We sat on the patio of a restaurant and it was lovely. We should probably squeeze in one more date night. Maybe we'll splurge and go somewhere really nice! We never do that anymore.
Right before Campbell took off to Little Rock he climbed up on our sofa with his favorite blanket and said "night night" then pretended to be asleep. I thought it was just a little bit adorable.
Also, whenever Campbell watches TV in my bedroom this is what he does. It makes me laugh! He gets behind all of those pillows and becomes glued to his shows.
I told the girls that it's just like the olden days where it was just us and them! It's so quiet in our house....and my house is so clean! That's a nice refresher. Bending over to pick up the messes is soooo hard when you have a huge belly attached to you. I always miss being pregnant but I absolutely will not miss this part. Nor will I miss how often I have to go to the bathroom. It's getting old. Actually being pregnant in general is just starting to get a little bit old. I'm still plenty comfortable and all is well but I'm reaching the point where I'm looking forward to getting my body back. I cannot imagine being pregnant for another 3 weeks but I just may! It seems like I'm about ready to give out but I guess we'll just have to wait and see.
Mom sent me this picture today around 4:15 and said Campbell has been just like this since 1:00. I got a good giggle. He plays SO hard when he's with his Pops and Gamma and it wears him out! Of course his hand is down his pants. We get to deal with that all of the time these days. Lovely. He's a mess! I miss him but I know he's enjoying the change of pace and having such a great time.


  1. It is a boy thing! I wish a had a dollar for every time I say get your hands out of your pants in a day.