Friday, May 13, 2016

Bennett Day 4

Day four of our new life with Bennett and everything is going so wonderfully! By this point with Campbell I had already had about 14 mental breakdowns but I haven't even cried once yet! Ha! It's so different the second time just in that you go into it all with so much more confidence. I feel like I know exactly what I'm doing and that alone makes everything so much easier and better.
Bennett is such a little sweetie. It's so much easier to bond with your baby when they aren't screaming all day long. I just kiss on his little face and head all the time. He's so precious.
I still can't believe I had a baby this week! Mostly because I just can't believe I had another baby at 37 weeks!!! What is that about? As it was getting closer I was starting to get a strong feeling that he would come this week but I never would have imagined, at the beginning of my pregnancy, that I would go into labor again at 37 weeks. So crazy.
Overall we just have so much thankfulness going on in our house right now. We have another healthy, beautiful and sweet baby boy and we are so over the moon in love with him. Campbell absolutely adores Bennett and wants to hold him all the time. He'll sit on the sofa or the bed and just hold his arms out with a huge grin on his face which is his way of saying he wants to hold him. Then he'll say "hold again Momma." He also loves to kiss the top of his head. We're working on Campbell not bothering Bennett while he's in the rock n play sleeping but it's not really clicking right now. Ha! Tough love.
My Mom was here but she went home for a few days so it's just our little family of four over the weekend. Wish us luck that we survive!

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