Saturday, May 14, 2016

Photo Sharing

I have a lot of photos on my phone from the week that I wanted to have here on my blog so bare with me because there's quite a few!
Monday morning dropping Campbell off at MDO. I had no idea that less than an hour after I took this photo I was going to learn I would be having a baby that day!!
Packing my bags while my girls looked on with a little bit of concern. They definitely knew something was going on.
An emotional mess right before we left. I couldn't stop crying or snuggling my baby.
Last photo as a family of three. We took this and Scott finally managed to pull me away!!
At the hospital! Waiting, waiting, waiting......
Bennett getting his first bath! I was in the midst of the most horrific post labor pains while all of this was going on. Worse than actual labor, let me tell ya.
All cleaned up and in our room! Looking so sweet and peaceful.
My mom got this angle of Campbell holding Bennett. I adore it. His little legs and that big smile. Ahhh, melt me!
Leaving the hospital with both of our boys!
Home Sweet Home!!

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