Monday, May 23, 2016

Full and Fun Weekend

Hey all! How was your weekend? Mine was good-ish. I found myself back in the hospital on Friday night for about 4 hours. It was annoying. My recovery this time around has been a little different than it was the first time. In ways it's easier and in other ways it's not. I don't know if it's a second pregnancy/delivery thing or if it's me doing too much (carrying a toddler, being too active, aka being a mom to a toddler!!) or if it's just random. Who knows. I'm feeling okay now though and doing my best to take it easy.....which is easier said than done with an infant and a toddler in my house!
We had a fun day on Saturday. Our friend, Emmy, had her 3rd birthday party and we were there to help celebrate her! Campbell had such a good time doing the hokey pokey and eating his cupcake! We were excited to get him out of the house to have some fun and for us to have some adult interaction!!
Yesterday morning we had Bennett's newborn photos taken! I can't wait to see how they turn out. I know the photos of just Bennett will be beautiful but I'm really hoping we got a good family photo out of the session. Campbell was acting like a toddler which was just a touch irritating. I was hoping for just one sweet photo of the boys and a photo of the four of us since we don't have one of those yet but who knows if we got it. Campbell is impossible to get to sit still for a photo so my expectations are low but you never know!! Scott and Campbell were there for the beginning of the session so we got all of the family photos out of the way and they left to go home. I stayed for the remainder of the time and it was kind of nice having a little quiet time to myself. I kept peeking in on Bennett to see how it was going and Bobbie, who also took Campbell's photos, said he acted just like Campbell did for his newborn pictures. Sweet, sleepy, and super still! She said some shots looked just like Campbell. I can't wait to see them!!
Since it was such a nice day outside yesterday, I thought it would be fun to get our little mini pool out and let Campbell splash around in our backyard. I'm doing my best to keep him entertained but it can be hard. He keeps grabbing my hand and pulling me to his toys and patting on the ground for me to sit down and play with him. He's never done that before. It made me cry last night. Campbell has done so great with Bennett and he gives him kisses and loves on him all the time. But he's obviously feeling like he's not getting the attention he used to and it breaks my heart. I'm crying right now just typing this! Finding the balance of giving both of my boys the attention they need and deserve is my current biggest hurdle right now.
Campbell had a blast getting his swimsuit on and playing outside yesterday so we'll have to make sure we do that a lot this summer! I love this photo because when we're throwing balls and tell Campbell to hold his arms out to catch it, this is what he does. Along with that cute little grin on his face. I love it!
Bennett got his first real bath last night and he thought it was pretty wonderful! I started him on a schedule today. I'm doing Mom's On Call currently instead of Babywise like I did with Campbell. Mostly because with Babywise you have to start your day at a specific time every day (7:00 typically) and Bennett is waking up more around 6:00 so MOC just seemed easier to follow for now. I'm curious to see how this goes. Bennett wakes up twice a night right now which really isn't bad but I am looking forward to him just waking up once and hopefully in just a few short weeks we'll get there. Fingers crossed!

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