Thursday, May 19, 2016

Last Day of MDO

Campbell had his last day of MDO today. He's going back in three weeks for the summer session and he'll be in the same class with the same teachers so no need for tears just yet! But today officially marks the last day for the fall session.
I feel like we have been beyond blessed with Campbell's teachers and the sweet little kiddos in his classroom. We absolutely adore Campbell's teachers. They have been so wonderful to our little boy and Campbell loves them so, so much. We will be SO sad at the end of the summer when it's officially his last day in his classroom but thankfully we still have a few more months before that happens.
Scott and I dropped Campbell off at MDO together and we brought the camera to snap a couple of photos super quick as he was walking into school. The grounds are really beautiful in the summer time and full of a lot of colorful flowers. Perfect backdrop for photos!
Now I need to figure out how I'm going to entertain Campbell for the next three weeks until summer school starts up. He gets a little stir crazy when he has time off from school. It just goes to show how much he loves it! Hopefully the next three weeks go by fast. Campbell will be so ready to see his teachers and his friends again.

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