Thursday, June 9, 2016

Bennett | One Month

Weight: I'm not sure but I would guess around 7.5 pounds. We go next week for his one month check up and I'm anxious to know his weight.

Height: 19 inches according to mine and Scott's professional measuring skills.

Sleep: Bennett is only waking up once a night. Woo Hoo! His last feeding is at 10:30 then he wakes between 2:00-3:00 to eat, then again around 6:30. He still sleeps the majority of the day.
 Eat: I'm exclusively breastfeeding Bennett and he is nursing 8 times a day. I have given him two bottles and he took them great.

Clothes: Our tiny little man is still wearing all preemie and newborn clothes. In just the last few days I've been able to make some of Gaps 'up to 7 pounds' clothes work but some of them are still way too big. He's basically been living in his Kickee Pants pajamas all month since it's the only thing that fits him.

Diapers: Pampers newborn

Likes: Milk, being worn in the solly wrap, cuddles.

Dislikes: Diaper changes, being naked, laying on the changing pad.

Milestones: I think it's pretty awesome that Bennett is just waking up once a night now! Major milestone for him and for Momma :)
Month One: Bennett has made my job of taking care of him pretty darn easy! He is such a sweet little guy and has come into our family with such ease. We have been so thankful for his laid back disposition. This month has truly flown by which means it's been a great month!

All About Bennett: Bennett is so precious!! He only cries when I'm changing his diaper or clothes. He is still a sleepy little thing but when he's awake he'll just lay there and look around. We love this sweet dumpling and still talk about all of this hair he has!! We hope we have many more months just like this first one!


  1. So glad to hear you're having such a happy time adjusting to life with two!!

    1. I'm so glad too! It's an answered prayer for sure.