Saturday, June 11, 2016


Campbell and I are really having a good summer so far! We've somehow managed to go to the pool three days in a row! What? If you had told me a few months ago that I would even get to go to the pool once this summer I wouldn't have believed you. I've actually been able to get a little Mommy break and go to the pool by myself twice so far. (If you're new here you should know that the pool is like, my super happy place) Scott says "your nights aren't great so your days should be" (I love him) so I've been able to enjoy some fun pool time alone which has been awesome!
However, taking Campbell to the pool (with Bennett in tow as well of course!) has been so fun and enjoyable as well!!
I've worked out a little routine for us to go mid morning for about an hour and a half. We mostly just sit on the steps of the pool and play and it's so great! It keeps Campbell entertained, I can get a little tan, we're out of the house doing something win.
While we're splashing in the pool, Bennett snoozes in the UPPAbaby! Having that bassinet has already come in so super handy this last month. We have a covered, shaded area at our neighborhood pool so he stays nice and comfy. It may not continue to work out as Bennett gets older and isn't sleeping as much....and also as it gets hotter, but for now it's awesome and I am soaking it up! We are definitely making some fun summer memories so far! I love it!!

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