Monday, June 27, 2016

Brother Love

Watching Campbell with Bennett has my heart bursting these days. Campbell has always been so sweet to Bennett and welcomed him with open arms. He loves to hold him and give him kisses but he's mostly just gone about his life like nothing has changed. However, this last week or so he's really starting to pay a lot more attention to Bennett and it is just the sweetest thing to witness. 
Every time I put Bennett on the floor to work on his tummy time, Campbell always lays down beside him. He loves to pat on his back and say "night night." 
This morning I got Campbell out of bed and once I carried him downstairs I set him on the floor. Normally he runs straight to the pantry but this morning he ran straight into our room and went right to Bennett. He laid over the rock n play (that's his way of giving Bennett a hug!) and said "Hi Bubba" which is what he calls him. Gah I melted! Also, whenever Bennett starts crying, Campbell finds a paci and shoves it in his mouth. Ha! We need to work on him doing that a little more gently but I've gotta admit I'm loving that little bit of help there. It's so cute to me that he's observed that, that's what we do whenever Bennett cries.
I know it's just going to get even more fun to watch the two of them together as Bennett gets older. I'm so thankful that Campbell has loved Bennett and adjusted to him so well. People ask me all the time how Campbell is doing with the new addition and I'm so glad to say that it hasn't even phased him one little bit. It's definitely an answered prayer! This brotherly love is so sweet.

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