Thursday, June 23, 2016

My Thursday

Campbell had MDO today so I got a semi free day today. I spent it at Target and having lunch with a friend. Not a lot to it but I always enjoy my free days! Campbell was excited to be at "school" as we call it and as always, he had to play with the rocks on the way inside. And also why does he look 5 in this photo?
Bennett is still doing really great! We've had a mini sleep regression this week and he's been waking up twice instead of the glorious one time a night but you know, it happens. I was all stressed and confused why he seemed to be going backwards but after reaching out to some people and doing a little research, I've learned that 6 weeks is a major growth spurt so this little man has been hungry. Hopefully this growth spurt gets a little meat on these bones. I have a closet full of some pretty adorable 0-3 month clothes that I'm really ready for this little man to start wearing!!
Other than my MDO fun, my day didn't consist of much. This evening we went on a family walk which is something we haven't done in a really long time. Although it is HOT outside. Whew. We all had to take a shower/bath the second we got home. Once everyone was cleaned up, Campbell read Bennett a book. It was pretty sweet!
Scott and I got the boys down then retreated to our room to watch Big Brother in bed. Big Brother is a highlight of our summer and we are so excited that it's back!!

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