Sunday, June 19, 2016

Fathers Day

I want to wish a very happy Father's Day to two very important men in my life!

A good father is so important to have in your life and I am so grateful to have the most wonderful father! He's always taken such good care of all of us and I'm so thankful for him. My dad is one of my very best friends and I love him so very much!

Scott has always been the greatest father but he's seriously stepped up his dad game these last 6 weeks. He gets up with the boys every single morning and let's me sleep until 9:00. I never even asked him to do that!! I know it's probably caused him to be a little more stressed at work to squeeze in everything he needs to in less time but he never complains. He knows sleep is my love language and there haven't been hardly any tears shed on my part because he's helping me get rest. Rest = patience am I right mommas? God bless him. I love you Scott! Thank you for taking care of me and the boys (and the girls too!) so well. We literally wouldn't survive without you!

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