Monday, June 20, 2016

Single Weekend

Is it the weekend yet? I'm worn out. I didn't get much of a weekend because Scott was working so to say I need a break would be an understatement. I got a tiny taste of what it's like to be a single parent of a toddler and a newborn and I'd prefer to never experience that again. I did my best to keep busy because I knew if I just stayed home all weekend I'd go nuts. On Friday morning I took Campbell to a fun little indoor play place here. He had a great time and Bennett just snoozed in my solly wrap.
When we left I literally had to drag Campbell out kicking and screaming so there's that. Ugh he does that when he doesn't want to leave a fun place and I get it but man it's embarrassing because everybody stares. #toddlerproblems We stayed home the rest of the day after that fun little adventure.
I was so proud of myself because I took Campbell and Bennett to lunch at Chick Fil A on Saturday for the first time! We actually did it! Woo Hoo! While Campbell and I were sitting there eating, we had a rare moment of perfection. He was being so quiet and eating so much of his food and it was like we were two grown up's on a little lunch date. It was beautiful. He played in the play area afterwards and then we left....kicking and screaming of course. #allthetears
After nap time I realized I hadn't gotten Scott a fathers day gift yet and seeing as it was just a few hours away, I needed to get on that. However, I was worn flat out and wasn't about to take an adventure to the mall to search for a present. So what's a gal to do? Well, I'll tell ya. I piled all the kiddos in the car and went to the liquor store drive through to get a 12 pack of beers and some gin. As if that wasn't classy enough, I decided to pop on by the Dairy Queen and get him an ice cream cake because I had just seen one advertised on a commercial and thought that would be a nice little somethin. My Fathers Day cake options were either superman themed or mustaches and I chuckled while ordering and went with superman because why not? #drivethroughpresents
By the time we got back home, I was done. I sat on the back porch, snuggled my baby and watched Campbell and the girls play until Scott got home. What. A. Weekend. But we survived. And I'm hoping this upcoming weekend is a little easier than this past one.

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