Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Solly Baby Review

Before Bennett was born I wrote a post about the Solly Baby wrap and said I'd give a review on it once I gave it a try. Well Mommas, I'm obsessed. I love it so much that I've gotten three of them!!
It has been so wonderful being able to wear Bennett. I wish I had done it with Campbell but I never found any baby wearing gear that I liked. This wrap makes me feel cute and I always attract a lot of attention when I'm wearing it in public. So many people always make a comment about how sweet it is or how tiny my baby looks. I still use my stroller a lot, especially if Bennett has fallen asleep in the car seat. But any time I have Campbell and Bennett, I always use my Solly because it's way easier since I have two free hands. When we go out to eat, I put Bennett in the wrap. It's easy and I don't have to worry about finding a spot for the big carrier.
One of the greatest positives about the wrap is that Bennett doesn't have a witching hour. I truly believe it's because I'm typically wearing him during the witching hours. If he starts getting fussy or I can't get him to go to sleep (those are always the hardest nap time hours don't you think?) I just wear him and he instantly gets quiet and passes out. It's been so wonderful! We had a horrible time dealing with Campbell and his witching hours. If only I had known about this wrap back then.....
Overall, can't say enough great things about it! The fabric is so soft and it's thin too which is great for these hot summer months. I wondered how I would be able to handle tasks with a toddler and a newborn but this has made everything completely do-able. I wear Bennett while I'm making Campbell's meals, while I fold laundry, go for walks, take Campbell somewhere fun....it's made life easier. And anything that can make life easier these days gets an A+ from me.
If you have a small baby or are expecting one soon, I cannot rave enough about the Solly wrap! It's been a lifesaver!


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