Thursday, June 2, 2016

Night Life

Hey-O! Who's ready for the weekend? Me! Simply because my husband will be here to help me wrangle these kiddos we have in our house....and give me adult conversation. And keep me company. My days are busy and they go by really fast. I'm thankful they're fast instead of slow! I'm not sure I slow down all day. I never have time for myself and sometimes it takes me forever to respond to a simple text. I always say the sign of a mom with a newborn is that it takes her forever to respond to a text!! That's how it works with all of my friends at least. I always look forward to crawling in bed every night even though I know I won't get to spend much time snoozing in it. These days nighttime is my favorite part of the day which is so funny because I used to dread nighttime when Campbell was a newborn.
My nights are long. Bennett typically wakes up twice a night these days and I'm up with him for about an hour...sometimes a little longer. It's exhausting but it's okay. I look at it with such a different perspective than I did with Campbell. I know it will end and I'll get sleep again. For now I'm extending tons of grace to my sweet little angel and if he needs me at all hours of the night then that's okay. A part of me enjoys the late night cuddles.
We get to view Bennett's newborn photos tomorrow and I'm so excited to see them! I'll be sure to share my favorites with you all once we get them.
And I just wanted to share this photo from Sunday because I think it's really cute. :)

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