Monday, July 18, 2016

Summer Weekend

We haven't been to the Farmers Market in quite a while so I wanted to make sure we were able to get out there over the weekend. I was in the mood for some yummy peaches and while I was there I stumbled upon the most colorful and beautiful bunch of carrots and tomatoes that you've ever seen! We strolled around for quite a while and ate lunch out there while we were at it!
Before too long we were all hot and tired so we called it a day and came home so the boys could get some naps.
Later that evening, Scott and I went on our very first date night since Bennett was born! It was beautiful. We ate a delicious meal at Tavola (our favorite) then strolled around the square for a little bit. I was in so much need of some quality time with my husband so I am so thankful to my MIL for asking us if we would like to go have a date while she watched the boys! Now that Bennett is going down for bed around 7:30-8:00 and predictably staying asleep until his 11:00 dream feed, I feel like we can get out now. Yay!
We rounded out our weekend with church on Sunday and an evening in front of the TV watching Big Brother. Overall, a great weekend! I need more just like it. :)

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