Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Bennett | 3 Months Old

Weight: 12.5 pounds according to our scale at home.

Height: Forgot to measure and now he's asleep!!
Sleep: Bennett sleeps 8.5 hours straight--10:30-7:00! He goes to bed at 7:00 but I wake him up at 10:30 to do a dream feed then he goes right back down and sleeps until 7:00 the next morning! I'm working on pushing that dream feed back by 5 minutes every night and hopefully we'll drop it at some point this month. Bennett takes 3 naps a day. I wish he would take 4 naps or at least 3 naps and a cat nap but I cannot get him to take that last nap no matter what I try. So he's just chillin for a long 3 hours before he finally goes down for the day. Other than that much too long for his age wake time, his normal wake time averages about 1.5 hours now.
Eat: I'm still exclusively breastfeeding Bennett and he eats 6 times a day. He's usually hungry after about 2 hours, 45 minutes and it takes him about 9 minutes to nurse.

Clothes: Size 0-3 month clothes and Kickee Pants pajamas. A few of our newborn items still work! I bought him some newborn sized Freshly Picked Moccs but they're still big and look silly so we're still going barefoot around here.
 Diapers: Size 2 Pampers Swaddlers

Likes: Milk, laying and looking around , bath time, smiling, "talking" and going to the chiropractor!

Dislikes: Clothes going over his head, the car seat (most of the time, ugh!).
Milestones: Bennett is officially sleeping through the night. Yay Bennett! He is getting really good at tummy time doing mini pushups and holding his head so steady and strong! He sticks his hands in his mouth, coo's, squeals and babbles all the time and gives the most adorable smiles! He's given us a few giggles and has started following objects.

Month Three: Bennett is smiling all the time now. It is my absolute favorite thing in the whole world! We don't have to work hard at all to get a sweet smile out of our precious boy.
All About Bennett: Goodness I love this little boy! He is still just the sweetest little thing in the whole wide world. Bennett is so chill and quiet that you never even know he's in the room! Bennett is the most content little person I've ever known and his precious smiles melt my heart. I seriously cannot get enough of him and I'm still blown away with how easy he is. It's been another wonderful month with our sweet Benny Boy!!!!

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