Friday, October 28, 2016

Halloween Weekend

We are getting ready to have a super busy (and very fun!) weekend!! We have so much to do and so many Halloween festivities to participate in and even though we'll be going 90 to nothing, I'm looking forward to it!
Scott and I have a Halloween party to go to tonight. In true fashion, we have no idea what we're going to be but I have a few ideas up my sleeve thanks to Pinterest (what did we do before Pinterest?). I'll be spending all day trying to execute a Halloween costume. This should be interesting with a toddler and baby in tow. Every year I try to talk Scott into going as Dancing With The Stars. I think it would be so hilarious to get the darkest spray tan we could manage and bedazzle ourselves in ballroom gear. But every year Scott says absolutely not. Party pooper. I think it's such an awesome idea, especially if Scott would wear his shirt all the way unbuttoned. LOL!
I'm really looking forward to Halloween. Our Halloween last year was so much fun because Campbell had an absolute blast!!! I hope he enjoys it just as much this year. I have a feeling he will. He and Bennett both have some pretty cute costumes to wear and I'm already looking forward to eating the candy Campbell collects. Shhh, don't tell him.
I'm going to try to blog over the weekend since we have so much going on and I know I'll want to document it all. Hopefully I have time to do it. If not, next weeks post will consist of nothing but Halloween festivities I'm sure. Until then....

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