Monday, October 31, 2016

Halloween 2016

Happy Halloween! I failed majorly at trying to blog over the weekend so this week will be full of Halloween posts. Bare with me! I just need to document all of these cute moments and photos of my kiddos!
Today was such a fun day but oh man, I'm tired. I woke up at the unruly hour of 6 am (which is crazy early for me) because I had so much to do today. I wanted to be up and showered/dressed before the kids got up. This morning we had an early breakfast at Campbell's MDO with his friends and teachers. Scott and my Mom came with us and it was a lot of fun! Campbell loved showing my Mom his classroom and wanted her to stay with him all day. We said our goodbyes then I ran a few errands and got ready for a fun Halloween day!!
I love getting the boys dressed up for Halloween! For Bennett's very first Halloween costume, I went with a goldfish! He looked sooooo cute. It was the perfect costume for a little one who can't crawl or walk yet. Thanks Pottery Barn Kids!
I have known for over a year that this would be Campbell's costume this year. He was a skunk last year but I had such a hard time deciding between the skunk and this puppy. I loved both costumes SO much and said whichever one we didn't choose, we would just do the next year. And that's exactly what we did!
Campbell LOVES trick or treating and it is so. much. fun. watching him do it. He is not shy at all. He ran up the sidewalks and told us to "stay back" because he's a big boy and can do this on his own apparently. He gave the doors a solid knock and said "Tra Tree!!!!!" then picked out his piece of candy, said thank you and occasionally blew a kiss as he was running off and down to the next house. Insert huge grin and giggles on my face all night long. Ahhh I love it!
Unlike last year, Campbell lost some major pep in his step towards the end of the night this year. We still had plenty of time to trick or treat before we needed to get Bennett to bed but Campbell started moving slow as a turtle so I knew it was time for us to head home. We hit up a few of the houses on our way back then called it a night.
Bennett was a little sweetie and just hung out in the stroller all night, his little fin hanging down low, giving a smile to anyone who said hi to him.
Overall, such a fun day. I knew it would be. Halloween has become such a fun holiday now that I have kiddos! We ended the day with a Papa Murphy's Jack-O-Lantern pizza, per tradition. We've been doing that for years and years now and I know it may sound silly but I love that it's become part of Halloween for us. It just adds an extra little something.
And you know we didn't leave the girls out of the festivities!! Gracie joins us every year. They have dressed up every single Halloween and this year they were pretty little angels! I love, love dressing the girls up and they politely oblige. We decided not to take them trick or treating with us because they would probably bark like crazy and embarrass us. But we pulled a bench up to the front window so they could look out and see everything that was going on.
So that was our Halloween of 2016. Trick or Treat from my tiny goldfish, sweet puppy, and pretty little angels!!

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