Friday, October 14, 2016


So glad it's Friday. I need a weekend!!
I started my morning off with a run around my neighborhood while pushing my new stroller! I used to be big into running before I got pregnant with Campbell. I basically stopped running for the last several years only going for a run here and there occasionally. Once my doctor gave me the okay after Bennett was born to start working out, I was itching to hit the pavement again. Running around my neighborhood was a great way to shed the baby weight but was also an easy way to get out and have some "me" time. My nightly routine was always to put Bennett to bed then go for my run. However, it's getting darker so much earlier now and it scares me to run in the dark so my only other option was to go in the morning. Going in the morning means I have to take the boys with me so I ordered a BOB jogging stroller and got it earlier this week. I'm loving it so far!! A part of me misses being able to go for my runs alone but that's okay. I take the boys and girls with me and everyone seems to enjoy it. Plus it makes my workout just a touch harder since I'm having to push a stroller which is probably a good thing. Scott loves to remind me that we have three strollers now! Whoops. I always remind him that all three are used for different purposes. #StrollerHoarder
I've been working all week on Bennett's naps and getting him to move from three to two. I started on Monday and just last night I told Scott I was frustrated because it wasn't working. All I was wanting to do was get Bennett to extend his morning nap by 30 minutes then I felt like everything would fall into place for the rest of the day. But Bennett didn't think that was a good idea so I decided to give it a break for two weeks and try again later. Of course this little nugget decided to take two naps that lasted just a little over two hours each today. It could be a fluke but it reminded me how wonderful the two naps stage is. Two naps are my favorite. I wish Campbell still took two naps! Haha!!
He's so cute and sweet and I just want to eat him up. Enjoy your weekend everyone!!

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