Thursday, October 6, 2016

Weight, Boots and Babies

Sorry for my MIA status!! It's been a stressful week. And a busy week....actually it's always a busy week but you know.
My little runt is following in big brothers footsteps with his slow weight gain. If you've been reading my blog for a while (and have a really good memory) you'll remember that I shared about Campbell's slow weight gain when he was the exact same age Bennett is. I thought it was due to Campbell's reflux and the insane amount of spit up he had. But Bennett never, ever spits up anymore so we don't have that to blame it on. Yet again, we find ourselves going to the doctor to get weighed weekly....same song, second verse. It puts a lot of stress on me because I'm the person responsible for Bennett's weight gain since I'm exclusively breastfeeding him. Not only do I exclusively breastfeed, I nurse him 98% of the time so I have no idea how much he's eating. I KNEW this would happen again and I told myself I wouldn't get stressed about it but here we are and I'm all stressed. It's hard not to be when people are telling you your milk isn't good enough. Lots of tears have been shed and the pump and me are frenimies currently. At the beginning of the week it was all I could think about but a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders because my momma heart knows nothing is wrong with me, my milk, or my baby and I'm tired of people telling me otherwise. I'll share more next week (after our next weight check, ugh!) but that's the story behind my lack of posts!!! #MommaStress
In happy news, I scored these Hunter rain boots for Campbell for $20!! Yep, that's right. I've actually had my eye on these exact boots for Campbell and almost got them for him for Christmas last year but never took the plunge. I got them at this place in Springdale called The Deal Depot and it's my new favorite store. They get items and discount them an insane amount. It's almost like TJ Maxx but it's mostly baby stuff and the stuff is awesome. They stock the floor on Friday night with their new shipments then open the doors for you to come and buy at 10:00 am on Saturday. Apparently there's a line of mom's waiting to get in to buy their cheap baby gear and the stuff gets snatched up within 15 minutes. It sounds like Black Friday, mom style. They get a new shipment in next Saturday and I'm totally going to be one of those moms waiting for the doors to open. The guy who owns the store couldn't believe they had these boots left when I got there around noon last Saturday. I guess they were meant to be mine! I can't wait to see what I score next Saturday!
And in even happier news, my friend, Jax, had her baby boy earlier this week. I finally got to snuggle sweet baby Hayes early this morning and he sure is dreamy! I love when my friends have babies. Our crew gets a little larger every year with all of these new additions and I couldn't be happier about it!


  1. Hang in there with the breastfeeding Kara! I am a mom of 7 now grown kids. I had the exact same problem with most of my babies. Some of them were diagnosed as "failure to thrive". They were off the bottom of the chart on weight and barely on the chart for length. Trust your mama heart, you've had one little guy that went through this same thing- and he is fine. All my kids are fine- all healthy adults. You are doing the best thing by breastfeeding your baby, I hope he starts growing faster.
    I could write a book on underweight babies and toddlers, feel free to contact me if you would like to.
    --Hilda- 1st mama to your girls :)

    1. Hey Hilda!!! Thank you so much for commenting to tell me that. I needed some reassurance that he is okay. My mothers intuition tells me he is but it does bother me when people comment on how skinny he is. But Bennett is happy, sleeps well and reaching all milestones when he should so I know he's okay!! It's nice to hear from other Mommas who have gone through this exact same thing. It makes you feel like you aren't alone. I hope you're doing well!!! Ivy and Madison love their brothers so much!! Ivy and Campbell especially have the sweetest little relationship. It makes my heart so happy! :)