Saturday, December 31, 2016

2016--A Year In Review

For my family, 2016 will go down as a wonderful year! Here's a little recap of what all happened for us in 2016.
In January we announced that we were adding another sweet baby boy to our family! We decided to name him Bennett and little did we know what a delightfully easy baby he would be. Campbell suffered from RSV and was the sickest he's ever been but he handled it like a champ thanks to lots and lots of cuddles from mom and dad. Scott and I celebrated our 7th year of marriage.
February brought us heart shaped donuts for Valentines day, occasional and unseasonably warm weather, and a growing baby bump!
March was a fun month! Campbell got his first haircut and participated in his first school music production. Ivy and Madison turned 4 years old and spring came into bloom. We ended the month by celebrating our sweet boy turning two years old with a puppy themed birthday party and perfect weather for holding the party outdoors. We also celebrated Easter and had fun going on our first egg hunt.
April was full of preparations for our baby Bennett to arrive. We soaked in our last month as a family of three with Saturday farmers markets, long strolls along the streets of our pretty town, and doing our best to get a lot of rest.
May is all about our sweet Bennett Graham who arrived on the 9th. He didn't make a peep the second he was born and has pretty much remained that way this entire year. We fell in love and bonded with him instantly--all of us! Campbell loved becoming a big brother and I experienced a happiness that I have never felt in my heart before. Becoming a mommy to two boys gave me an overwhelming sense of pride and joy and I found myself loving my life, and my stage of life, more than ever.
June brought us a lot of summer fun. We spent a lot of time at our neighborhood pool. Campbell loves to swim!!
In July we had a big time celebrating America on the 4th with hotdogs, fireworks, and pool time. Campbell did a lot of big boy things like getting potty trained and transitioning to a big boy bed. He did excellent with both changes. We were so proud of him! Bennett started giving us lots of smiles and hasn't stopped since!
August means back to school (aka Mothers Day Out) for Campbell! Campbell loves going and we decided to let Bennett join him. Bennett loves it just as much as Campbell does! Neither of my boys have ever cried at drop off and we're thankful that they enjoy being there as much as they do!
September brought back Razorback football, a trip to my hometown for a family reunion, and Bennett's first big milestone--rolling over!
October was all about fall! We visited many pumpkin patches and enjoyed the changing weather. Campbell was a doggie for Halloween and Bennett was a goldfish. My momma heart could hardly contain their cuteness!
November brought cooler temps and we celebrated 1/2 a year with our sweet baby Bennett! We had a wonderful Thanksgiving in Little Rock, took a lot of photos for family friends, and enjoyed the gorgeous fall foliage we had this year. I received an email from Freshly Picked asking if I would like to collaborate with them, which was probably the highlight of my blogging career. I'm looking forward to continue working with them on future projects!
December was full of the Christmas spirit! We created many fun Christmas memories and enjoyed celebrating the birth of our Savior with all of our families. It ended our awesome year perfectly and we couldn't be more thankful and grateful for all that 2016 gave us.

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