Friday, December 30, 2016

Christmas Wrap Up

Sorry that I keep talking about Christmas! I'm almost done.....I just wanted to share a few more special Christmas moments here.
Just a couple of Christmas snapshots with my boys! Me + Campbell before we went to visit Santa and Me + Bennett the night we made Christmas cookies. Sweet boys. I'm a lucky Mama to be surrounded by such sweet and handsome guys all the time!
On December 23, we created a wonderful Christmas memory and hopefully a new tradition for our family. We rode on a real train! A dream come true for our train loving toddler. Our town does this every year and it's called The Holiday Express. The train is decorated in holiday d├ęcor and during the hour long ride, we got served hot chocolate, cookies, and listened to Christmas carols. Even Santa made a quick appearance!! It was simply magical for Campbell. Scott and I loved it as well. We're going to do our best to make that a December 23rd tradition for our little family every year. It was so fun!
My Mom sent me this photo of myself from my first Christmas and my jaw dropped. Bennett and I both have May birthdays so we're the same ages here essentially. I could not stop starring at this photo. It's pretty wild to see someone look so much like you! I not so secretly love it. My little mini!! So fun.
Speaking of, here is Bennett wearing an outfit of Campbell's. It says "Meet Me Under The Mistletoe" and I love it so much. I think this will be one of those outfits that I will keep forever.
Santa came to our house on December 24th and this is what he left us! We had our own little family Christmas on Christmas Eve morning and it was so fun. Campbell was beyond excited about his train track and Bennett thought his piano was pretty neat. Santa visited us again in Little Rock on Christmas morning so the boys got pretty lucky this year!!
So that's a wrap. Christmas 2016. So many fun memories were made. We enjoyed the holiday season for sure.

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