Monday, December 5, 2016

Chris Botti Concert

We had a lovely weekend! On Friday night Scott and I enjoyed a really fun and different type of date night for us. We went to a Chris Botti concert! The tickets were actually my Dad's. He and my Mom had planned to go but ended up having to work instead so he gave the tickets to us. I'm aware of Chris Botti's work mostly because my Dad is such a huge fan. I've watched his Live From Boston concert and have some of his songs on my phone. I was excited about going and knew it would be a really lovely evening. Scott and I had an absolutely wonderful time. The whole event was about as nice as anything could be. Chris Botti is pure class and his concert radiated that the entire night. I had a glass of wine while I listed to him and his band and thoroughly enjoyed myself.
The rest of our weekend was pretty low key. We did one of my favorite Christmas traditions which is taking Campbell (and now Bennett!) to Barnes and Noble to let him pick out a new Christmas book. Campbell chose That's Not My Elf and has really enjoyed reading it since we brought it home.
I wrapped some Christmas presents, we ordered pizza, and Scott and I caught up on our DVR'd shows.
It was a fun weekend. The concert + a date night in general was such a treat. It was rainy and cold all weekend so we pretty much stayed inside, had the fire going, and enjoyed our Christmas surroundings.