Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Twinkle Lights

I'm really feeling the Christmas spirit right now! It's so cold (and might snow here tomorrow!) and our fire has been going non stop all week. Our house is full of festive cheer and my boys pretty much stay decked out in little Christmas clothes. Campbell is SO into Santa this year. A couple of houses in our neighborhood have Santa decorations outside and he always comments on them when we drive by. Disney and Nick Jr is full of Christmas episodes right now and Santa makes an appearance in most of them. Campbell can't get enough of it. We're planning to take him to see Santa soon and I can't wait to see what his reaction will be. He's screamed his little head off the last two years. I think he'll be okay and he has told us several times he wants Santa to bring him a train table so it would be cute if he said that to Santa. We shall see! I'm excited to see what he'll do. Bennett will be just fine. He has zero stranger danger (so far).
I'm planning on sharing my Christmas decorations with you all later this week (if things go according to blogging plan). I put them up last Thursday and I'm really enjoying them!! I always dread putting it up because it's quite a bit of work but I love it once it's done. My decorations are really fun and colorful this year. I shared a little bit already on my Instagram stories. Campbell has enjoyed the festiveness and just like years past, he hasn't messed with the decorations at all. Thank you Campbell!! He does bring me a few different presents every day asking to open them though. Ha! Torture. I remember that torture well when I was little.
I still have quite a bit of Christmas shopping to do. I usually like to get out and browse the stores for gifts but this year online has been my go-to. I still love to support some of my favorite, local small business but I am shopping online way more than I ever have. It's just so much easier. What about you? Have you gotten your Christmas shopping done yet? Do you prefer to shop in person or online? Any kid toys that you think are a must have? Share in the comments!

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